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Lita's Love for the Alpha

Lita's Love for the Alpha



Author : TheUnlikelyOptimist

Publisher : AnyStories


Lita blinked, her face flushed, "Surely you don't mean I make him..." "Incredibly horny? Yea, that's exactly what I mean," they both laughed, "Like he would break you in half.." A deep laugh bubbled up between them, a laugh Lita really needed. "I thought he didn't like the bunnies," Lita giggled. "Guess, you're the exception," Stace smiled. After her brother's sudden death, Lita picks up her life and moves to Stanford, CA, the last place he lived. She's desperate to cut ties with her toxic family and her toxic ex, who happens to follow her straight to Cali. Consumed with guilt and losing her battle with depression, Lita decides to join the same fight club her brother belonged to. She's looking for an escape but what she finds instead is life-changing when men start turning into wolves. (Mature content & erotica) Follow the writer on Instagram @the_unlikelyoptimist