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The Alpha's Virgin Tribute

The Alpha's Virgin Tribute



Author : Luna Liz

Publisher : AnyStories


“Whose Luna is she?! Take her out. It’s not a place for women. “One of Alpha shouted the minute I stepped in the conference hall. “Yes, IT IS the place for me. A FEMALE alpha. “I shoot the disrespectful man a glare and walked straight into the hall. When I crossed the threshold of the hall, the chatter came to a complete stop with an eerie silence as Alphas regard me with surprised, disgusted and calculating eyes. Their suits were neat, in many instances fine, and wherever I encountered the eye of one it was only to recognize in it a stare like I am some kind of freak. It was not because they don’t know me. They know me, they know of my battles and the strength I possess. The reason is that I was the only female Alpha in the hall; the only female not in a dress; the only woman who can sit at the same table with men. ~~~~~~~ ⚠️MATURE READERS ONLY⚠️ DARK ROMANCE ⚠️