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24 Hours of You

24 Hours of You



Author : AnnaRose

Publisher : Radish


Rebecca Shaw finds pleasure in one night stands. Working in the marketing department for the largest pharmaceutical company in North America absorbs the rest of her time. At twenty-nine years old Becca is happy to devote her life to her career, which offers everything she ever wanted: Success. Travel. Freedom. Until she meets Dr. Mason Reed. Mason is the gorgeous oncologist who works in the same San Francisco hospital as Rebecca’s brother. Their instant chemistry is undeniable, but for reasons they’d prefer to ignore, they only find one day a month to spend together. For twenty-four hours they exist in a bubble. No cell phones, no internet... just each other. How long can they keep this routine going until the real world creeps in? Or, until twenty-four hours a month is no longer enough for one of them? A Novella