A Destined Love: Part One Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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A Destined Love: Part One

A Destined Love: Part One

New Adult


Author : Bri Stone

Publisher : Radish


"Thom Edwards rattled my very core. We knew what was coming, and we knew where we would end. We knew how possible it was for our love to destroy us both. Still, we began." Thom Edwards never met a challenge he couldn't conquer, until the one woman he can't get out of his head doesn't fall for his enigmatic charm. Perrier Simmons doesn't believe in soul mates or fairy-tales--she's learned the hard way. With medical school and a promising career ahead of her, temptations like Thom aren't an option. Thom makes his intentions known, but Perrier does not give in easily; not even her true feelings are enough to make her let go and fall... When their paths threaten to take them from one another, will love be enough to keep them together?