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A Fine Romance

A Fine Romance



Author : Christi Barth

Publisher : Radish


Love never tasted so sweet... Mira Parrish came to Chicago to launch a romance store—and her quest for independence. She's got one shot to get this right and can't afford any distractions—no matter how deliciously handsome they are. Sexy wedding cake baker Sam Lyons put his dream of making gourmet chocolates on hold to single-handedly keep his family’s bakery afloat. Add in a fragile, widowed mother, a beautiful new neighbor and the opportunity of a lifetime and he’s got a recipe for disaster. Hate-at-first-sight quickly turns to something that feels like it could be love? Until the press reveals Mira’s calamitous past. Suddenly the buzz surrounding her grand opening is all wrong. Was it a mistake to walk away from her previous life of wealth? Even though that safety net comes with a catch—marry an ‘appropriate’ man and give up her career. Will Mira and Sam give up on their dreams—and each other—or fight their way to a fine romance?