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A Night with the Alpha

A Night with the Alpha



Author : Bridget Essex

Publisher : Radish


*Previously known as "Raised By Wolves"* Meet Becca Swift! She's got the most overbearing family in the world—because she was raised by wolves. Literally. Becca is a werewolf, and she is part of a loud and crazy, up-in-your-business pack. In her day-to-day life, she tries to keep the fact that she's a werewolf a secret... But then along comes Loren. Loren has legs for days, the most gorgeous smile Becca's ever seen, and a sense of humor that's off the charts. Becca's smitten. Still, when Becca's mother asks her to bring Loren to dinner, Becca's not ready to tell Loren exactly what she is. So she begs her family, for one single night, to "try to act perfectly normal." But "normal" just isn't in the DNA of this pack of werewolves.