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A Quiet Kismet

A Quiet Kismet



Author : Rey

Publisher : Radish


kis·met /ˈkizmit,ˈkizˌmet/ noun destiny; fate. We were always fated to be in each others lives. It was written in the stars the moment we wrestled on the playground our first day of preschool. But it was easier to love him behind the veil of hatred than to ever be upfront. Of course things only got complicated from there. My family crumbled, and left to rebuild again and I knew I'd never see Derek Navarro again. I made peace with that, I had to. Of course, fate had other plans. Fast-forward to my new life in New York working on my breakthrough novel, when fate rears its ugly head in my life again. My baby sister is getting married to a boy who grew up in the childhood home we left behind...and his best man is none other than Derek. The love I had chosen to forget. Was this fate at work?