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A Thousand Salt Kisses Later

A Thousand Salt Kisses Later



Author : Josie

Publisher : Radish


The Sequel to A Thousand Salt Kisses Spoiler Alert - advisable not to read below if you wish to read ATSK (Book 1) first. Available for free on Radish Four years have passed since Crystal White met and fell in love with handsome, intriguing merman, Llyr. Although she has busied herself in colorful London uni life and found happiness with her boyfriend Sam, something inside of her just can't let go of her first love. With uni ending and no job in sight, Crystal knows she must return to Starfish Island. Back by the sea, she yearns for Llyr more than ever and when an opportunity arises to contact the mer-folk, Crystal finds it impossible to resist. However, when Crystal reaches out she discovers that not only has Llyr moved on but a magical secret about herself is unlocked... Will she be able to rekindle that precious love they once shared whilst also struggling to undo a spell cast the very summer they met?