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Academy of Beasts

Academy of Beasts

Young Adult


Author : Clarissa North

Publisher : Radish


A bodyguard at a wealthy vampire boarding school dreams of a new life as an artist in Paris, only to be assigned to protect the heir of the vampire world. Determined to leave the Demetriou School of Excellence when she turns eighteen, Evelina Belak finds herself reluctantly assigned the task of protecting Aleksander Demetriou, the future leader of the vampire world. Unhappy at the prospect of guarding an arrogant Prince, Evelina strikes a bargain with Aleksander; she will give him the breathing space he desires, and he'll pay for her trip to Paris at the end of the school year. Their plan soon faces challenges when they must face assassination attempts, long kept secrets, the politics of high school and, most frightening of all, falling in love.