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Accidentally In Love

Accidentally In Love



Author : Loryn

Publisher : Radish


Two people. Two different worlds. Lincoln Tanaka is done with men. After a series of bad relationships, he’s decided to focus on his first love: art. He’s got two gallery shows coming up and absolutely no time for distractions. That is until he bumps into a sexy, brooding stranger in his apartment complex. After a fake kiss and a few white lies, Lincoln’s up for one more distraction. Tai Brown has spent the last decade in prison, but he’s finally out and ready to restart his life. He got an apartment, and he enrolled himself in a welding program at the local community college. The problem is his charming, adorable neighbor has other plans. But things aren’t all gravy. Tai’s determined to leave his past behind him, but when Lincoln’s life is threatened, he has to make a decision… and deal with the fall out. Is love worth risking another stint in prison?