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Act Like We're In Love

Act Like We're In Love



Author : Christi Barth

Publisher : Radish


Mega movie star Luke Powell is used to making headlines, both for playing a superhero on screen, and a super stud off screen. But when his adorable new costar is caught in the paparazzi’s glare, she doesn’t take it so well. When Linnea Larson skates into a big, blond wall of muscle, its lust at first sight. That is, until he reveals his identity as the Hollywood hunk her dad hired to inject a dose of star power into their family dinner theatre. After ten years as AquaMan, Linnea’s convinced Luke wouldn’t know good acting if it poked him in his six pack abs. If he ruins their show, the theatre might go under. And if she gives in to their inexplicable chemistry, she’ll break a lifelong pact with her best friend. Not to mention the guaranteed broken heart when Luke returns to his real life. All Luke wanted was a two month vacation from his celebrity status. A chance to reinvigorate his love of acting. But now he’s faced with wary cast mates, a nervous best friend worried Luke’s role in Guys & Dolls will ruin both their careers, and an irresistable costar who resists all his best moves...