Adored By An Alpha ~ Freya Rose Series Book One Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Adored By An Alpha ~ Freya Rose Series Book One

Adored By An Alpha ~ Freya Rose Series Book One



Author : L.P.

Publisher : Radish


Screw standard blurbs. This isn't an ordinary book... This is a paranormal romance, with a reverse harem feel. Addictive as crack, and I'm not talking old, hairy builders crack either. Don't expect any fluff or happy endings, because what you'll actually get is bad attitudes, foul language, and men so damn hot, they'll melt your panties off with just one look. Read the book. Let me pull you in and make you fall in love, before viciously ripping out your heart, just because I can. By the end of the book, expect to be ugly crying, while you plot my slow, yet painful death. As tempted as you are, do not throw your tablet at the wall. I promise I'll send one of my hunks to rescue you from that cliff you're currently hanging from by your bra straps. You're welcome. I'll see you in the next book, sweetcheeks. ???????????????????? This series is rated 18+ as it contains mature and graphic scenes. It has a reverse harem feel, so don't expect, boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after. Although this is a long and heart-wrenching series, you can look forward to, not one, not two, but four happy endings. That's right. As your reward for seeing it all the way through to the end, I will be uploading a happily ever after book for each love interest. That means you can choose who you want Freya Rose to settle down with. Three of the four happy ending books will be FREE ???? First one is called Tristan's Luna