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Adulting 101

Adulting 101

New Adult


Author : Elle

Publisher : Radish


Are you a student or young professional who has ever felt discouraged, overwhelmed, restricted, or just downright lost in school or your career? Are you struggling with academic hiccups, financial insecurities, or uneasiness about your future? I want to help you unpack some of these challenges you are facing, and demystify the concept of 'adulting.' We are going to delve into various topics like student loans, choosing a major, applying for internships, and getting hired with advice from my original blog-like posts that I have curated and tailored for a millennial audience. With this book, you will find a lot of clarity, answers, hacks, and best practices to building a successful future for yourself one step at a time. It is my promise, that the knowledge you will gain from this will equip you to make better choices, forge a clearer path ahead, and develop confidence in your own ability to own your story. See you inside!