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All-American Princess

All-American Princess

Young Adult


Author : Maggie Dallen

Publisher : Radish


A Hollywood princess with a plan. A small-town hottie with a secret. Too bad she's only here to tempt his best friend. There's only one person who can convince Delilah Devereaux to leave the lap of luxury for a one-way ticket to Podunk...or rather, Pinedale, Montana. Her powerful producer of a father has sent her to the tiny, close-knit ranching town for one reason--to bring back Brandon MacMillan, the reclusive son of legendary and now-deceased TV star, Frank MacMillan. Brandon is the key to her father's plan to reboot a classic primetime hit and her orders are to bring him back to Los any means necessary.  If she succeeds, Delilah will be Brandon's leading lady on-screen and off. Insta-fame for the new ""it"" couple, and everything she's ever wanted. Money, glory...power. All she has to do is lure Brandon away from his crazy mom, the pretty girl next door, and his lifelong best friend. Not a problem. Except Delilah's perfect plan definitely doesn't account for Jack. The small-town hottie sees right through her lies, and worse, he makes her wonder if perhaps she's not as heartless as she believes.   There's no way she's going to let Jack ruin her mission. It would just be so much easier if he wasn't so irritating. Or so tempting. Or best friends with the guy she's there to seduce.