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All I Want is You This Christmas

All I Want is You This Christmas



Author : Codi

Publisher : Radish


Five years ago, two men loved Anna Beth Howard… Anna Beth has three weeks left before Christmas to complete her late husband’s last request. She’d never planned on returning to the sleepy mountain town of Snowy Springs, Montana, not after everything went wrong. But Anna Beth made a promise, one she can't break, even if it means facing Jared Cross again. She could only choose one… Jared hasn’t forgotten baring his soul to Anna Beth on her wedding day, or the pain of her rejection. Once she left town, he never expected to see her or her classic Chrysler, in Snowy Springs again. When she asks for help, Jared agrees just to prove there are no hard feelings. But the walls around his heart are no match for Anna Beth’s warm spirit. But she never stopped loving the other… Anna Beth says she’s leaving once the list is done. But after one explosive kiss, Jared is determined to show Anna Beth she belongs in Snowy Springs…with him. With time running out, a surprise gift might just give Jared and Anna Beth the Christmas miracle they’ve been waiting for…a second chance.