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All the Ways

All the Ways



Author : kellyviolet

Publisher : Radish


Neither of them should have been there. But fate had other plans. At the urging of a friend, Cassandra Jameson found herself in the last place she wanted to be: on a blind date. But favors were for suckers, and she was the biggest one of all. Little did she know, this chance encounter would drag her out of her comfort zone. A place so convenient and safe, she’d been content to stay there for the rest of her life. But that all changed the moment a mystery man sat across from her. It was shaping up to be a normal evening at the restaurant for Warwick Leary when his pesky, younger brother threw a wrench in those plans. Now, instead of dealing with invoices and spreadsheets, he found himself dining with a sweet, intriguing woman. As their time together came to an end, he figured out a way to extend their date and spice up their night. Because the last thing he wanted was for her to slip away.