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Araceli's Dynasty

Araceli's Dynasty



Author : TriciaJ

Publisher : Radish


It was like straight out of a fairy tale spark. Two princes destined to rule different kingdoms and hopefully blossom into love and marriage to merge the two lands in harmony. Nothing could ever replace such a wholesome tale before bedtime. But not this story though. Thrown off balance by unknown rebels invading the country, Prince Akemi is rendered useless and is forced into hiding. Without anyone to aid the omega prince, the usually meek prince faces his fears and adversaries in hopes of reclaiming the throne he was destined to claim by seeking help from his old friend turned enemy, the proud alpha Crown Prince Dion. But things don’t always go the way they plan. Not when they have to conquer their own iron walls, testing the waters to see who would submit first. If breaking the law is considered a crime, then falling in love with the enemy is a sin. *** Warning: This story has mature themes which may not be suitable for some readers.