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As the Years Go By

As the Years Go By



Author : Lilah Suzanne

Publisher : Radish


When the boy next door falls for the boy next door… Gus Hoffman has been best friends with Leo Westley for most of his life, and in love with him for almost as long. As Gus and Leo grow and change through the years, their feelings for each other grow deeper— and more complicated. Gus is sure that they’ll end up spending their lives together, as friends or maybe something more, but when their paths split into different directions as adults everything comes crumbling down. Estranged for years, Leo and Gus come back into each other’s lives after a near-tragedy, and it becomes clear that Gus’s still-lingering attraction to Leo isn’t just one sided. But will giving in to physical desire ruin any chance at rebuilding their life-long friendship, or could this finally be Gus and Leo’s chance at happily ever after?