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New Adult


Author : AmberThielman

Publisher : Radish


Many women are sent to Ashgate Prison, but not all of them come out. Ever since their junkie mother’s suicide when they were kids, Josephine Taylor will do anything to protect her little sister Julie. When Julie nearly kills her husband while defending herself from a violent assault, Joey takes the fall for her sister. But when her brother-in-law dies unexpectedly in the hospital, Joey is convicted of a murder she didn't commit. In Ashgate Prison, Joey is forced to learn to survive. The women are dangerous. Cruel. Angry. She isn't a violent woman and the other women know it. Now, Joey must learn to take control of the women before they end up killing her. How far must she go to survive? Even if she manages to get through her sentence, will she ever be the same again? But Julie has a secret … and maybe prison is the very place she wants Joey to be.