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At The Edge Of Hope.

At The Edge Of Hope.



Author : Yumna

Publisher : Radish


Alexis Bell's life changed forever when she lost her high-school sweetheart in the shooting at a graduation party. She saw Daniel died in front of her while she miraculously survived - she hasn't been the same since. The trauma never let her live in peace. Even after six years of the incident - she is stuck in the past. After failing a couple of times - she finally gets to the final year of her bachelors and starts working as an intern in a magazine called, "VIBE" Eugene Simmons, an executive manager at VIBE, a raising magazine - a quiet and humble man known for his hard work and determination to bring his firm forward, had difficulty in moving on after his younger brother, Sam, shot and killed thirteen of his classmates and ended up killing himself afterward. Although, he and his family had nothing to do with it yet he received a lot of hate for what his younger brother did and he couldn't help but blame himself for it as well. Alexis is one of those people - she hates Sam and anyone related to him. When VIBE comes to her university with an opportunity to get trained in their firm in the summers - she applied for it - not knowing about Eugene's executive post in the company. It will be like ice and fire - discord and harmony - love and hate.