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At The Edge Of Hopelessness

At The Edge Of Hopelessness



Author : Yumna

Publisher : Radish


Leah and Austin, two siblings had their life changed after a hapless event threw them down the pit. After a mindless shooting at a party, Austin lost his friends and Leah lost her sight. Now, after five years of slow misery - things accelerate for the two of them. Emmett, Austin's best friend, and Leah's crush return after he left with his then-girlfriend right after the incident. He tries to make up with his best friend but Austin is too mad at him for a lot of past events. Emmett never returned Leah's feeling for him - he never saw her as a love interest but once he returns, he feels the pull towards now blind girl. Donna, the woman responsible for the troubles between Austin and Emmett is left humiliated in New York when Emmett decides to break up with her too close to their wedding - furious, she follows him to New Orleans - only to come face to face with the guy she hated and the guy that hated her back - Austin. Leah, the girl that has been struggling after losing her best friend and her sight at the shooting at Emmett's birthday, is now trying to move on but everything only gets complicated as Emmett returns and she starts to get attached to the one person she shouldn't feel attracted too - her psychiatrist turned good friend for the past five years. Four lives - complete and utter chaos.