Aurora Realm Fairy Tales Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Aurora Realm Fairy Tales

Aurora Realm Fairy Tales



Author : alexiax

Publisher : Radish


Dark. Magical. Powerful. Beastly. Aslan McTavish is the Magical Beast King who rules the Forbidden Forest, one of the kingdoms in the Aurora Realm. My name is Lilly, and I have lived in the basement of a manor all my life with my beloved mother, working away like a pair of slaves for the people who live in comfort upstairs. After my mother’s death, I am told that I am to be sacrificed to the magical beast who rules the Forbidden Forest, in return for the village’s protection, wealth, and prosperity. Refusing to resign myself to my fate, I plan to escape, only to be caught again by none other than the beast himself, whose demonic mask and beautiful green eyes both frighten and fascinate me. Thus, begins the story of the Beast and I.