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Bad Boy Treasure Hunters

Bad Boy Treasure Hunters



Author : Ember Casey

Publisher : Radish


MEET THE DEVIL'S SET: Treasure hunters. Adventurers. Bad boys. Nine hot guys. Nine unforgettable romances. SEASON ONE: Jackson Charlotte “Charlie” Carver knows she’s in trouble when Jackson North shows up at her door in the middle of the night, nearly a year after he unceremoniously broke her heart. She’s always suspected her ex had secrets, but she never thought those secrets would put her in danger—until violent men show up on Jackson’s tail, and suddenly Charlie is caught up in a thrilling international adventure unlike any she ever imagined... Jackson is a professional treasure hunter. And this time, Charlie's entangled in his latest hunt. But with their lives at stake, is she ready for the sizzling connection they still share? A second chance at love has never been this dangerous...or this thrilling.