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Bad Intentions

Bad Intentions



Author : CarmenFalcone

Publisher : Radish


Divorced mom Nikki Brady is about to kiss her play-by-the-book ways goodbye. When her best friends challenge her to buy a hot stranger at the bar a drink, she reluctantly agrees. To her surprise, the man is not only gorgeous, but makes her smile and feel long dormant emotions. Too bad she doesn’t know the out-of-towner is there to shake up her job at the retirement community. To repair his estranged relationship with his father, Cole Myler must focus on a deal to relocate a retirement community. No problem, right? If only the sassy brunette at the bar didn’t turn out to be a human resources director dead set on thwarting him and delaying the project. Still, he’s determined to resist his scorching attraction to her and follow through with his plan. She plays dirty, but he plays to win. And if it’s up to him, she’ll be doing a whole lot more than working overtime.