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BadBoy Mafia Romance

BadBoy Mafia Romance



Author : chiquitad

Publisher : Radish


“Struck of Love never felt so good… Twenty-four year old Sabrina Washington is a strong, proud African American woman, the daughter of Jonathan and Candice Washington, they were constantly the most talked about and wealthiest family in New York City. One night, Sabrina falls in head over heels in love with the most dangerous man she’s ever come across. Sexy Italian Antonio De Luca has long been the object for countless women’s attention as the owner of many popular nightclubs throughout New York City and his reputation as the son of the most notorious mobster in New York hasn’t hurt his love life any. Ladies always love a dangerous enigma. Will their two worlds combine, or will the dangerous lifestyle tear them apart?” Note: Four book Mafia Romantic Suspense series. Contains violence, gory material, sexual content.Adult Language, if this is not what you prefer in your novels, please pick up another one of my releases.Must be read in order for context. Order of series Antonio And Sabrina Book 1 released 2017 Antonio and Sabrina Book 2 released 2018 Antonio and Sabrina Book 3 released 2018 Janice and Carlo Captivated By His Love (Spinoff of Antonio and Sabrina Series) released 2019 Antonio and Sabrina Book 4 (Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend) Antonio De Luca-The Early Years-(A Prequel Coming in 2020) Joaquin Fuertes (Spinoff Antonio and Sabrina Coming in 2020)