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Author : C. J. Beaumont

Publisher : Radish


Lindsey Newton has always been a sucker for bad boys, but Razarr puts them all to shame. When she based the hero of her bestselling paranormal romance series "Banished" on an obscure demon myth she read about in college, she had no idea that he was real. Now everyone knows her pen name--Rebecca Marshall--Banished is a hit TV series, and millions of fangirls worldwide find themselves drooling over the idea of Razarr. Somehow, most of the world knowing and speaking his name summoned him back to Earth. While he's grateful that his banishment in Hell has ended, Razarr is pissed when he realizes it's because some foolish mortal woman is profiting off his name and twisting his story. Now, he's putting his plan to destroy all of Alyse's descendants on hold while he sets Rebecca Marshall straight. When he shows up on her doorstep planning to air his grievances, he finds the door kicked in and Lindsey cornered by a vampire assassin.