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Banshee Cry

Banshee Cry



Author : JenKatemi

Publisher : Radish


Worthless. Useless. Helpless. That's how I feel. A banshee without a voice. Well, half banshee and half human, And my human side failed my father, Got him killed. But that was a long time ago... Now, there's a sexy vamp on my doorstep wanting me, Needing me. He's the hottest being I've ever laid eyes on. His blood sings to mine, In ways I can't explain, And in ways, I am determined to uncover. But with my past, My fear, My pain, I want to stake him--right through his cold, undead heart. If we don't team up, Everything I know and love will be gone, Just like before. This time, I will do anything to be heard, With or without that banshee cry. BANSHEE CRY is the first in Jen Katemi's BLOOD FAE CHRONICLES paranormal romance series. The series is set in a world full of magical realism and steamy desire, and each story delivers it's own happy-ever-after ending. Read this story as a stand-alone, or read the series in order. BLOOD FAE CHRONICLES: Book 1 - BANSHEE CRY (available on Radish) Book 2 - BANSHEE SONG (available on Radish) Book 3 - BANSHEE POWER (coming soon to Radish)