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Author : Kimi L. Davis

Publisher : Radish


Helping somebody should always be rewarding. But it is not. Arcelia Balderas was happy with her life in the village of Lowestoft, a small village nestled in the heart of the mountains of Fayss Tops. Arcelia always had a smile on her face, but people were not aware of the secrets she had to hide. She worked as a healer, tending to the people of her village everyday, and she loved doing it. Until one day she helped a stranger, which changed her life forever. King Ancelot was the ruler of the Kingdom of Oproris. Only people of the Kingdom knew him, and witnessed his cruel treatment with innocents. The people living in the village had never seen their cruel King, nor had they witnessed the soul wrenching punishments he carried out. When Ancelot meets Arcelia for the first time, he knows she is not someone he can let go of. With his power over the Kingdom, Ancelot can do anything. He wants Arcelia, and nothing and no one is going to stop him. Arcelia never wanted to be with the king who the whole Kingdom was afraid of. She tried running, but in the end she gave in. And it changed her forever.