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Beauty Is The Beast

Beauty Is The Beast



Author : QueenVega

Publisher : Radish


All I wanted was one night, one night to be wild, to be myself, to be free. I didn't ask for him, and I certainly didn't ask for this. Now I'm surrounded by hell, literally. “Enzo.” I waited for him to say more, but clearly that’s all I was getting. He pointed to a bathroom off to the side. “Take your pants off in there.” I frowned. “What? No! I’m not getting naked in there...” The smirk was once again back on his face. “As you wish.” I felt a breeze as the last word left his mouth. I looked down at my legs, to see them bare. “Are you kidding me!?” I was standing in front of him, in my underwear! He cocked his head to the side. “Last time they were red...” “You’re a pig.” “I think I liked the red ones better.”