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Beauty, Sleeping

Beauty, Sleeping



Author : SCinders

Publisher : Radish


Disney had it all wrong. Ever heard of Sleeping Beauty with the talking animals and cringe-worthy songs? Well, that's me. Only they really screwed things up. You see, everyone blamed Maleficent for cursing me, but what they don't know was she died trying to save me. And now that I have escaped King Stephan and my evil fiance, Prince Philip. I've been tasked to find the seven fairies, convince Snow White to go back to the Otherworld with me so we can kill my 'sort-of' dad before he unleashes the beasts of the Otherworld into our world and we all die. I know, it seemed extreme to me as well. Let me break things down for you. My name is Zellandine, and I am daughter of Osiris, princess and heir to the throne of the Otherworld. I am going to save the world, and hopefully bang a few hot fairies along the way.