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Because of You

Because of You

Young Adult


Author : RaShelle Workman

Publisher : Radish


It isn't every day a second chance at love runs into you. But for Rose Hansen, that's exactly what happens. Well, she ran into him. Rose Hansen has suffered more than most with the death of her parents at a young age and knowing the murderer personally. But it’s been seven years and she’s determined to put the secrets of her past behind her and start fresh—live a little. That’s what her aunt is always telling her to do. Her freshman year in college, she wants to try, but her roommate is constantly getting into trouble and the son of the man who murdered her parents is also attending Bellam University. He should be the enemy, but she has strong feelings for him. Feelings she thought she’d put away with the rest of her childish things. What’s worse? His cousin is continuously threatening her, telling her to stay away or she’ll wish she had. Will she be able to move forward with her life and even possibly get her second chance at love or is it her destiny to die the same way her parents did?