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Becoming Isla

Becoming Isla



Author : Belle

Publisher : Radish


Sophie is down on her luck, she hates her job, hates her life and hates the fact she can't become a real writer. Her landlord has given her twenty-one days to get the rent together otherwise she has no flat, and the idea of returning home doesn't bear thinking about. So when she finds a get rich idea from her loyal friend Kat, she soon finds her way down a rabbit hole of fetishes, rich and sexy men, demanding fans, high paying editors and hot exes. When she offered the chance to become a columnist in a high-class magazine will she learn she won't do anything for a story? Or will becoming a writer mean she will hurt the people who got her to the top and betray the new friends and new love interest? just to get the perfect story... *Mature Content* *Kinks and Fetishes Galore* *Swears, sex and adult themes* *Naughty but Funny*