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Below the Belt

Below the Belt



Author : RosieTaylor

Publisher : Radish


Step right, step left, jab—that's how Tatum meets Holden. Tatum Stevens is a young woman with a very troubled past. Her father is abusive, her mother is dead, and her brother is in prison, so when she first started dating Luke, he was the shining light in her life...until he wasn't anymore. Then, she meets Holden. Holden Samuels is a professional boxer—a four-time champion, going for his fifth. Everybody sees Holden as the typical bad boy: possessive, domineering, and self-absorbed. It's a bit more complicated than that. Although he has his softer moments, especially where Tatum is concerned, he's tough, and he's damn sure hiding some secrets of his own. Plus, he's still the boxer of the century, even if a new fighter is gunning for his title. He might just be the exact right thing Tatum needs to break her unlucky cycle...if she's willing to fight for it.