BEWARE My Cowboy [BWWM] Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Author : Ang

Publisher : Radish


He wants her. She was everything he never looked for in a woman. She's afraid ... to remember what he meant to her. If it's love, it will find a way. ----- I Love You. Three words Gerard thought he'd never be able to say to a woman, let alone mean. A rowdy cowboy incapable of running low on women to seduce and conquer, Gerard had been content with his life. That was ... until one slipped through the cracks. LOVE had always been, just another four-letter fickle word for the lame and the old. Replaceable to those who had everything they wanted. Until her ... the sinfully gorgeous gal who walked out of his life, but not before taking command of his heart. But all that seeks to keep them apart BEWARE ... because the hell-raiser wants her back. ----- Reilly Jones is the girl that caused so much trouble. A regular gal trying to find herself and where she belongs. She's VULNERABLE ... LOST, searching for whatever remnant of a family she has left. More importantly, she has AMNESIA. Reilly skips town, unknowingly trampling on the heart of the one she loves. Red Oak's eighth Wonder of the World -- who claims to be in LOVE with her. A guy she believes to be a stranger. Determined to be on her own, to find herself, she sets out on a journey of rediscovery. What Reilly doesn't know is that THE COWBOY is HERS, he is determined as well and she is his destination. All Rights Reserved!!!