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Billionaire Bodyguard Boss

Billionaire Bodyguard Boss



Author : Joanne Wadsworth

Publisher : Radish


He will sacrifice anything to protect her. It’s been a year since Saria Sands entered The Program, her last chance to stay one step ahead of a relentless killer. When Bodyguard and Weapons expert Ben Hammers sends her on a private yacht to the South Pacific, Saria agrees. But confined in close quarters together on the yacht, Saria can’t help desiring more with her mysterious protector. Ben Hammers will do anything to protect Saria. She’s more than just a job. Protecting the innocent is Ben’s only way to right a wrong he’s kept hidden his whole life, a secret that has kept him from forming a connection with any woman, let alone the one he wants more than anything. Ben knows he can’t let his guard down. But the more time he spends with Saria, the further he finds himself slipping... BILLIONAIRE BODYGUARDS SERIES Billionaire Bodyguard Attraction, #1 Billionaire Bodyguard Boss, #2 Billionaire Bodyguard Fling, #3 (Short story of 18,000 words)