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Billionaire's Best Friend

Billionaire's Best Friend



Author : AmberThielman

Publisher : Radish


Sometimes best friends can make the best lovers...for Jake and Ellie, there is no exception. Ellie ✓ My Best Friend ✓ Self-made Billionaire ✓ Sexy as Sin Oh, and did I mention that Jake wants me to pretend to be his girlfriend? I’ve known Jake my entire life, so when he calls me at three o’clock in the morning and says he needs me, I do the one thing that any good friend would do. I hop on a plane and come to his rescue. That’s when he tells about the lie he’s told his family. How am I supposed to play pretend when I’ve loved Jake for far longer than I’d ever care to admit? Jake ✓ My Best Friend ✓ A Fake Relationship ✓ Forbidden Love I knew asking her to play pretend was a bad idea. I’ve had feelings for Ellie for far too long and now we’ve got to keep ourselves in check because I cannot lose my best friend. But the first time we kiss, I almost lose it. Everything I tucked away comes rushing to the service and I find myself yearning for her like I’ve never yearned for anyone before. Can I convince her that what we’re feeling is for real and turn my fake fiance into my real wife?