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Billionaire's Fake Wife

Billionaire's Fake Wife

New Adult


Author : Kate Lorraine

Publisher : Radish


"DID I TELL YOU ABOUT MY EXPECTATIONS?" Maxwell Weston growled. My jaw dropped and he smirked at me. This was going to be the worst holiday ever. *** The last thing anthropology Ph.D. candidate Scarlett Rossi expects this Christmas is to be forced to play a loving wife to her mentor's wayward, playboy son. After the infamous bad boy Maxwell Weston is involved in an accident, that leaves him suffering from amnesia, Scarlett is tasked with finding out why Maxwell is thinking about signing his billion-dollar medical tech company to his devious best friend for pennies. Playing his wife can't be hard, he is after all - bedbound for the time being after breaking his leg. As Scarlett loses herself in her role, she realizes that what this good girl deserves this Christmas might just be a bad boy.