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Author : Simran

Publisher : Radish


"Don't you want to know how I make someone mine?" he wondered, stepping closer until there was nowhere left for her to go. "With... one... simple... bite." * * * Nicolette Rodriguez never believed in any of the supernatural things her mother and grandmother insisted she protect herself from: not in ghosts or demons, gods or goddesses. She never even believed in the tooth fairy. So what was she supposed to do when her new upstairs neighbor began to take an interest in her? What was she supposed to do when he showed up one night claiming to be a god of lust desperate to find his queen? All is fair in love and war. * * * WARNING: This story contains things that may make your heart flutter, your blood pressure spike, your body tingle, your fangirl/fanboy/fanx heart soar, or your grandma shake her head in shame - not specifically in that order.