Body Heat [Ginger's Heart Trilogy] Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Body Heat [Ginger's Heart Trilogy]

Body Heat [Ginger's Heart Trilogy]



Author : Goss

Publisher : Radish


[Mature] Planning a massacre at a boarding school advertised to gifted teens was just the foot in the door Ginger needed to get 'Humans Against Supernatural Persons', a worldwide anti-supernatural organization, to notice her. As a newbie hunter she'd literally won a killing spree jackpot... if she, as a human, could get into a school solely for supernatural creatures of the royal variety. Posing as an unbound human servant made getting accepted easy. Unfortunately, it seemed to be the only easy part. Ginger didn’t expect to make fast friends with Trina, her gluttonous Gargoyle roommate or for her rampant hormones, which the internet insisted was puberty, to run wild. She didn’t expect to be the origin of a horror story whispered through the walls of the academy and she most definitely didn’t expect an assassination attempt on her life. Now, the creatures she’d been slaughtering behind closed doors were trying to save her and Ginger has to figure out why she’s number one on a targeted list printed by H.A.S.P, the very organization she’d worshiped. It’s funny how things work.