Bound by Destiny: a mafia love triangle Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Bound by Destiny: a mafia love triangle

Bound by Destiny: a mafia love triangle



Author : NotoriousKLE

Publisher : Radish


Jade Alvarez has the perfect life—or so she believes. Her engagement to handsome CEO Lincoln Chadwick is about to hand her not only the corporate merger that she needs to keep her late father's company afloat, but also the fairy tale happy ending she's always dreamed of. But fate throws a wrench in her perfectly laid plans when she steps into a meeting with a new client, who happens to be the mysterious, sexy stranger who saved her life and gave her refuge during a terrorist attack three years earlier. Claudio Dellucci was forced to take over as the boss of a Sicilian Mafia family after the death of his father in a terrorist attack. His only escape from the guilt of not being able to save his father are the memories of a beautiful young woman he was able to save in that harrowing moment. Despite the soulish connection they shared in the aftermath, he never expected to see her again. But when he arrives at a meeting with his new team of financial advisers, he finds himself once again in the presence of the woman he can’t forget. Claudio believes destiny has bound their souls together since their fated first encounter—now all he has to do is deal with her fiance.