Breaking Free (Contemporary Romance/Suspense Thriller) Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Breaking Free (Contemporary Romance/Suspense Thriller)

Breaking Free (Contemporary Romance/Suspense Thriller)



Author : S.E. Smith

Publisher : Radish


Breaking Free Her journey will challenge everything she has ever believed and make her stronger than she ever realized—if it doesn’t kill her first. 2016 Gold Finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Award! Experience the Magic in my other stories! The Dragon Lords of Valdier - A king crashed on Earth, desperately hurt... The love story that started it all. Abducting Abby: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 1 is FREE! Curizan Warriors Their species have a secret, kept even from their closest allies, & Emma is more like them than she knows. The Marastin Dow - FREE! They are reviled & feared for their ruthlessness, but not all want a life of murder... Sarafin Warriors The St. Claires are chaotic, ridiculous, & human. Those cat-shifting aliens won’t know what hit them! Cosmos' Gateway New worlds, species, & outrageous adventures when a portal is created in a lab.... The Alliance They came to bring Earth into the Alliance of Star Systems.... Magic, New Mexico The small town of Magic is...aptly named! Hilarity, drama, & true love.... 2nd Chance: She remembers her own death... The Seven Kingdoms Mythical & magical! A Dragon King is awakened. A Sea King needs the help of a fiery-haired woman from another world. A witch discovers the help she needs when she opens a portal. A Sea Witch seeks redemption. Dust A comet hit Earth, & Dust wakes to discover the world as he knew it is gone. More Than Human To survive another generation, they'll need to live among the shifters….