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Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules



Author : Clarissa North

Publisher : Radish


Jules had a one-night-only rule, but he made an offer that she couldn't refuse. Kicked out by her roommate so that she can have some alone time with her boyfriend, Juliette 'Jules' Young was on the hunt for a man to offer her a bed until morning. To escape an unwanted proposition she pretends that the first lone guy she sees is her date and begs him to play along. Little does she know, he's looking for more than a one-night-stand. Wilder Hayworth has made it his business to spend as much time away from his domineering father as possible. Fortunately, taking on responsibility for acquiring properties for their hotel business gives him the perfect excuse to travel. Not only can he play the filial son, but he's out from under his father's gaze and his control. Still, a life lived out of hotel penthouses and suitcases can get lonely. So, when the beautiful Jules asks him to pretend to be his date, he sees in her an opportunity for more than one night's company while he's in town. Their relationship might have a time limit and a set of rules that Jules refuses to break for any man, but will she be able to play by them when confronted by one as perfect and sexy as Wilder? Or will she follow her heart and break them all in the name of love?