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Celine (on hold)

Celine (on hold)



Author : .N.

Publisher : Radish


"They say love is blind. When you find your soul mate, everything and everyone else ceases to exist. She may not be perfect, but she is perfect for you. She fits with you just right and you with her. Her imperfections don't matter one bit. And while that may be true, is it possible to love someone whose very essence is what you fight against every single day? Is it possible to love someone whom you've wanted to destroy for most of your life? Is it possible to love a monster? Is it? And when you go against every belief, every principle, every instinct that makes you who you are just to be with her, where does that leave you? What does it do to you? It destroys you. Leaves you with a terrible emptiness. But that lasts just until she's with you again. And when you finally have her in your arms, every bit of the pain, the fear and the feeling that you're betraying not just yourself but everyone who's ever trusted you, is worth it. And what does that teach you? That it is possible to love a monster. Because I have. And I've cherished every moment of it. And I have no fucking regrets."