Claimed by the Pack (Wicked Wolf Shifters) Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Claimed by the Pack (Wicked Wolf Shifters)

Claimed by the Pack (Wicked Wolf Shifters)



Author : JKHarper

Publisher : Radish


Cassandra Wakefield’s life will never be the same again. She lost the town draw and had to willingly surrender herself, body and soul, to the Wicked Wolf Shifters Pack. But something unheard of happened during the traditional initiation ceremony. Something amazing, shocking…and very much against the rules. Pack alpha Trevor’s life has been irrevocably rocked. What the gorgeous, impertinent human woman means to him should be an impossibility, and allowing her into his bed, his life, and his heart will utterly change everything. But not even this always-in-control alpha can predict what will happen after Cassandra is formally claimed by the pack. To the reader: This story contains hot sex with all the dirty details, naughty language, characters who say “oh, hell yeah” to the fun times, shifter violence, and yes, a cliffhanger. If that isn’t your thing, this story probably won’t be either. But if all that sounds great, this sexy serial is for you!