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Cold Revenge

Cold Revenge



Author : Jen

Publisher : Radish


I don’t remember how I got here. I don’t even know my own name. All I know is the man who rescued me is not who I thought he was. Mateo Davino is dangerous. That…I am certain of. *** A young woman is rescued in the mountains after a stormy accident that has robbed her memory. Forced to rely on her mysterious, broody savior, she has nowhere to turn. Fickle has the heart may be, it doesn’t demand answers. All it wants is to thaw her protector’s icy barriers. When Blair William’s memory returns, she meets a sudden and cruel reality. The man she has fallen for is her number one suspect in a missing person’s case. Does she ignore her instincts and risk her life for man she barely knows, or does Blair’s curiosity lead her down a winding path she can’t break away from. (Mature audiences only, for heated themes and nights.)