Covert Seduction: CRUSH 1 Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Covert Seduction: CRUSH 1

Covert Seduction: CRUSH 1



Author : Christine Glover

Publisher : Radish


Undercover DEA Special Agent, Colton Sutler is dead-set on exposing a dangerous drug cartel. He follows hot Italian socialite Isabella Cavelli to get to his target and overhears a conversation between Isabella and a powerful drug lord. He intervenes, but she might be innocent. Now he’ll keep her safe while preventing her from botching his investigation until he knows for sure. When Isabella accidentally discovers her lifelong friend is a drug lord, she tells him she’s in the business to protect her parents. She can’t back out now, so Colton reluctantly agrees to let her continue her charade. Only one catch—they’re posing as lovers 24/7 until they catch the monster behind the vast criminal network. But when this cat and mouse game escalates, Isabella’s life is at stake and Colton’s got to find her before it’s too late...