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Cowboy Welcome

Cowboy Welcome



Author : Blushing Books

Publisher : Radish


A year after her unexpected divorce and nine years after moving to Seattle, Shanna Parker needed a change. She accepted a position as a nurse practitioner opening a new clinic near her hometown hoping that the old adage, you can never go home, was not true because that is where she was going. Shanna secretly dreamed for years of a man who would not hesitate to make her toe the line. She stepped off the plane and ran, literally, into her dream man. Zane Gideon was tired of the rodeo and buckle bunnies. He was at a crossroads in his life and was going home to his family’s ranch to start his new direction and that was when Shanna fell into his life. She excited him but he was a man who lived by his own standards which included being the lead in his relationships and that was not going to change. Can Shanna handle it when the man of her dreams becomes the man of her reality? Is she brave enough to try again? Will Zane be able to settle down with one woman who comes with her own independent attitudes and ideas and constantly challenges his?