Crimson: The Decadence [Part 1/3] Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Crimson: The Decadence [Part 1/3]

Crimson: The Decadence [Part 1/3]



Author : Malayka

Publisher : Radish


THE DECADENCE - London, 1890 - PART ONE OF CRIMSON. Allyson Kaye, a sadistic dominatrix, has received word that someone's stealing from her inheritance. In her plan to stop the bastard (or bastardette), and with the help of her butler, Amon Emory, Allyson sets out to do what the bank can’t do - capture, torture and murder the thief. However, Allyson hasn't a damned clue who the suspect might be. As the thief evades all attempts at being caught, her servants have grown sick of being her punching bags and are making plans for themselves. Such plans involve severing all ties, murdering Allyson and escaping the manor with some sanity in tact. Will their attempt prove futile? Will Allyson be able to catch the thief? One thing is a given though - someone would bleed.