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Crush, Interrupted

Crush, Interrupted



Author : zaidap

Publisher : Radish


Rosie Gonzalez's life is in shambles. She's a writer... but she can't actually write anymore, which is turning out to be a bit of a problem. After losing a big contract, she decides to finally take some time for rest and rejuvenation and hashtag self-care, y'all. Rosie jumps at the offer to housesit her best friend's fancy AF condo. The last thing she expects is another houseguest cramping her style. A houseguest who happens to be her best friend's brother... her best friend's very hot brother who also happens to be the first boy Rosie ever loved. Not that she ever told him that. Nope. Definitely not. Soon, Rosie's self-care getaway turns steamy as her once-dormant crush is suddenly very much awake in the presence of her often shirtless and incredibly gorgeous temporary roommate!