Cupid and Psyche |Lesbian Version| Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Cupid and Psyche |Lesbian Version|

Cupid and Psyche |Lesbian Version|



Author : Svetaivanova

Publisher : Radish


Once there was a king and a queen with three lovely daughters. The youngest daughter, Psyche, was so beautiful, so fair of face and form that she was revered throughout the land, and the people of her kingdom reached out to touch her as she passed. No suitors dared to cross her doorstep. So highly was she worshiped that Psyche was deeply lonely. Her beauty became legend, far and wide, and it was not long before words reached the ears of Venus. Tales of the young princess enraged the jealous goddess, and she made plans to dispose of her. Venus called upon her own daughter, Cupid to do her bidding. It was meant to be a quick mission except Cupid did not expect to find herself entranced by the same passion she inflicted on others. [LGBT retelling of the Roman Mythology]